Smart Care For Heart Disease Patients During and Post-Pandemic

Remote Caring Starts Now with Apple Watch and KURA

Question1: What features in the Apple Watch make it valuable for heart disease patients?

Patient: Analyzing heart rate, especially the resting heart rate, is crucial to me. Not only can it show the baseline of my heart function, but it can also carry valuable information about the likelihood of a viral infection. Scientific evidence has already demonstrated a secure connection between heart rate and infection; the Apple Watch is a perfect tool for providing that kind of information. Besides, its ECG function gives me a greater insight into my heart health and helps me manage health effortlessly.

Question2: How has KURA leveraged the Apple Watch into your care solution?

Patient: Apple Watch has sufficient information about personal health, like heart rate, ECG, and the number of steps walked. All that information, along with the reported symptoms, can provide a lot of insights to me so that I can manage my health better. Also, a single data point can only carry so much value. It is better when you can view health data as a trend, and that’s extremely valuable to my care team. KURA helps patients collect all this information and make it accessible for both patients and care providers, facilitating smart communication.

Question3: What role does A.I. play in KURA’s patient solution?

Patient: Being a patient already means bearing a lot of work and worry on my shoulders. It’s good to have more information about my health, but not too much. A.I. can help me by trimming ocean-size health information into a manageable size. A.I. can also extract essential insights from data for me so I wouldn’t have to go through everything. That insightful information helps me in communicating with my physicians.

Question4: How can the Apple Watch help heart disease patients during and post-pandemic?

Patient: To me, the pandemic is likely going to constrain a lot of healthcare resources, and heart disease patients will receive less in-hospital care. Plus, heart disease patients should avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital to prevent viral infection. Therefore, care traditionally performed in the hospital is likely to move into the patient’s home. The Apple Watch, no doubt, is the most widely accepted wearable device that can effectively collect people’s health data. I believe that its ECG capability will play a central role when we are reshaping the healthcare system after the pandemic.



An empathic AI software company. Our goal is making people’s lives happier and healthier, both physically and mentally.

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An empathic AI software company. Our goal is making people’s lives happier and healthier, both physically and mentally.