Read Your Heart Rate Like a Pro

RHR and Its potential use for early signs of heart disease and COVID-19

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Why is RHR significant to our immune system?

Scientific evidence has shown a strong link between RHR and influenza (1), which usually triggers strong immune responses. With help from widely available wearable devices, we can collect RHR data frequently at home. This is a reliable indicator that our immune system has been triggered because when the Sympathetic Nerve System (SNS)(2) rises, our RHR will also rise. This is an early indicator that something is wrong and can be identified even before your body temperature rises.

How can RHR analysis be applied to COVID-19 Detection?

RHR can be very useful when it comes to early #COVID19 and help us manage #COVID19 in a more efficient fashion. Wearable devices play a key role in collecting massive amounts of information, while Medical AI( Artificial Intelligence) is crucial to building the disease model and making early warnings possible.

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