How Support Groups Help Patients Connect with Others and Find Hope

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Written by KURA Writer- Rylee Nelson

Facing serious health conditions or surgeries can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and alone. It can be challenging to cope with the physical and emotional tolls of these experiences. However, support groups are there to help patients get through these times. Being a part of a support group helps people make connections with others who have similar feelings, everyday problems, and treatment side effects (Mayo Clinic, 2023). The connection and understanding between patients can help give each other comfort, hope, and inspiration. You can find support groups that either meet online or in person by (Kaiser Permanente, 2022):

● Asking your doctor or counselor if they know of any
● Asking people with the same health concerns
● Searching online
● Asking your local community center
● Asking your friends and family
● Check with your insurance provider

Being honest and sensitive to others’ feelings is crucial during support group participation. Sensitivity helps create a safe and open space for members to express their feelings without fear of judgment. Sharing honestly can help others feel more connected, comfortable, and less alone. If you need some support and think joining a support group would benefit you, you could start by researching online or bringing it up to your doctor. Reach out and take the first step to get the support you need.


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