A Cancer Survivor with a Vision

An Empathetic Solution

2 min readMar 27, 2020

The world is changing faster than ever, and finding the balance between technology and humanity has been a challenge for many.

In a world replete with technological solutions, many wonder how our healthcare system will properly care for an aging population that isn’t tech-savvy. This at-risk population cherishes human touch and companionship, something not to be replaced with seemingly cold and complicated technological innovations. Responding to this uncertain dilemma, KURA Care stands ready to provide a powerful patient-centered solution.

Our Solution

KURA’s founder and CEO, Dr. Yang, is a cancer survivor who wants to provide others with a better patient experience than he had. Dr. Yang believes the healthcare system needs an empathetic listener who knows how to respond when it matters most. Having walked the road to recovery, he understands the critical role of patient-centered care.

In addition to his episode as a cancer patient, Dr. Yang’s professional experience at Qualcomm and academic achievements have helped him understand a key piece to solving this healthcare dilemma; if you push capable technology far enough, it becomes simple and intuitive to the end-user. KURA’s intuitive technology utilizes artificial intelligence to empower patients by connecting them with their clinical care team, their loved ones, and their own health data.

KURA’s Vision

In light of our aging population, KURA’s vision is to leverage technology as a foundation for a supportive and successful recovery experience. Ultimately, KURA’s solution empowers patients to live healthier and happier lives. KURA takes care of technology, so it can help take care of you.

Find out more about KURA Care: https://www.kuracare.net/




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